Guardian Realty Inc. is our sister company that’s been a part of our projects since we started in 1993. The Guardian Realtyteam of real estate professionals is dedicated to locating the best sites with all the needed parameters for the installation of geothermal solutions that bring a great resale value when the property is redeveloped.

Everyone involved with us is a winner! Grenviro Engineering and Guardian Reality are there for you from the very beginning phase of locating the land, through to designing and redeveloping it into a newly efficient property with completely green geothermal heating and cooling capacity.

Working together with you, Grenviro Engineering and Guardian Reality will guarantee the best possible utilization of your invested money, time and trust!

In addition to this, we are pleased to offer you a $5,000 commission cost reduction when you decide to buy or sell any of your properties through Guardian Realty. This offer is fully available to you in a reverse order as well; when you buy a property with Guardian Realty first and then decide to install a geothermal system through us later on.